The Silver Fund has been giving students hands-on experience in the stock market since 1989.

Silver Fund’s goal is to educate students in the following areas:

Strategic Analysis

Go beyond the numbers and apply frameworks to understand a company’s competitive advantages. Question the logic behind their stated strategy and financial targets.

Personal Finance

Make informed investment decisions and improve financial literacy. Understand how to analyze the markets, research companies, and apply that understanding to personal portfolios.

Financial Analysis

Evaluate investment opportunities using a variety methods. Learn and apply both quantitative and qualitative analysis, including financial statement analysis and valuation models.

Market Knowledge

Help students develop a lens for market analysis and then use that lens to understand how the broad macro environment and specific news impacts companies being evaluated.

Manage Portfolios

Develop competence in all aspects of asset management, including investment methods, performance attribution, trading, leadership, operations, and marketing.

Pitch / Debate

Practice the art of persuasion in presenting pitches and debating the merits of an analysis or recommendation.