Seeking Alpha Through Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis


Silver Fund's History

Conducting fundamental analysis since 1989.

The Silver Fund started as a gift of $274,000 in 1989 by Harold F. Silver. We carry positive alpha relative to our benchmark and have assets totaling $3.5M.


Silver Fund's Team

Every year a new group of students from BYU's Marriott School of Business take full ownership of the Silver Fund portfolio. Their investment theses and decisions provide valuable lessons for all team members.

At the end of their tenure, fund members present on the fund's progress and important learning points to BYU Faculty and Silver Fund alumni.

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Silver Fund Web App

This Fall, students will have the opportunity to use the beta version of the new web app! Made by BYU students, this website will allow students to manage their portfolio all in one place, providing them interactive tables and time-series views to see the performance of their portfolio, as well as a built-in risk model through which they can run computations.

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Silver Fund is among the nation’s oldest and largest student-run investment funds.

Silver Fund is run by BYU Marriott School’s undergraduate, MAcc, and MBA students. The organizing principle is that it’s a student-run fund, and that idea suffuses the experience.  Students do the research.  Students make the investment decisions.  Students own the results.  Many of our alumni have gone on to become leaders in the finance industry.

Fund Facts


The year Silver Fund started with $274,000.


Students in the 2020 class: 7 MBAs, 1 MAcc, and 12 undergraduates from finance, mathematics, and economics.


In assets under management.